What will our laws and regulations be?  That is the question to be addressed in our Policy posts, which will elaborate on the core values and principles expressed in our Declaration by addressing specific topics such as those below.

  • Security:  Will we be safe?  We need more realism and less idealism to be applied to topics such as foreign threats; safe streets and homes.
  • Prosperity:  Will we have opportunity? We need more accountability and less idealism to be applied to topics such as trade, budgets, poverty, education, and health care.
  • Justice:  Will outcomes be fair?  We need greater appreciation and slower denunciation, whether toward established institutions or unfavored social groups, to be applied to topics such as preferences, wealth, voting, and campus life.
  • Community:  Will we extend and receive respect?  We need more empathy and dialog, less antipathy and diatribe, to be applied to topics such as marriage, immigration, choice, and racism.

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