As a nation, we bicker. We dither. We drift. We cannot continue this way. We must come together so that we can move ahead. At The Partisan Independent, we affirm the following values and principles for uniting and advancing us:

  • Security: More realism, less idealism.
  • Prosperity: More accountability, less entitlement.
  • Justice: Greater appreciation, slower denunciation.
  • Community: More empathy and dialog, less antipathy and diatribe.

As we promote these values and principles, we will encourage thoughtful advocacy and respectful debate. We will speak to the conflicted citizen who, finding our Democratic party overly naive and our Republican party overly narrow, has declared Independent, whether enthusiastically or grudgingly so.

As explained in our inaugural post, we possess Republican inclinations based on historical Replublican support for realism in global affairs, accountability in the economy, respect for established institutions, and protection of the individual.  Believing, however, that we will not move ahead as a nation unless we come together as a people, we seek more empathy and support from Republicans toward those whose origins and preferences may not adhere to traditional norms.  Until the Republican party becomes comfortable on that point, we at The Partisan Independent will remain unaffiliated.  We hope not permanently, however.

Join us in the discussion. We invite contributors, and we welcome comments, civility being the only requirement.