Who… and What… is The Partisan Independent?

Who is the partisan independent?

He or she is the “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” voter who, dismayed with both the Democratic and Republican parties, disavowals partisan allegiance.  This independent position may come with a sense of pride; may come with a sense of despair.  Howsoever it comes, it comes with sufficient frequency that these voters compose a distinct segment within the electorate.  They are, in the parlance of the professional pollsters, the “persuadables.”

These voters may or may not declare formally as Independents when they register to vote.  Their independence is a mindset, not an affiliation.  Their independence is a reaction as much to the style of candidates and officeholders as to the substance of their platforms and policies.  And yet, the independent voter does typically possess an affinity toward one party or the other.  The independent in question is, in other words, a latent or lapsed partisan who has lost emotional and/or intellectual affinity with Democratic and Republican activists.

What is The Partisan Independent?

It is a blog and site devoted to the proposition that the values and principles summarized in our Declaration will bring about a better future by protecting, promoting, and respecting the individual who lives and works as a citizen in our nation.  It is a site that finds disappointment with both of the established parties, wanting from the Democrats a higher level of responsibility; from the Republicans a greater commitment to community.  It is a site that finds the tenor of political debate to be good reason not to follow political debate.

And yet, The Partisan Independent maintains a commitment to a better future through informed debate and a vigorous politics.  It maintains an affinity, if not an allegiance, toward the Republican party as the party most likely to support the values and principles in our Declaration.  It refuses to indulge in alienation toward our politics; in despair toward our future.

And so, The Partisan Independent will address policy and politics from a conviction that the individual, regardless of ethnic background or personal predilections, must be served and judged as a member of society; must also be served and judged as a contributor to society.  The Partisan Independent will post its own commentary; will point to outside commentary; will seek your own commentary.  It will relinquish its independence only when it finds one party or the other, one way or another, advancing security, prosperity, justice, and community with confidence and reliability.

Additional Reading

  • The Partisans in the Closet:   “…despite the apparent rise in independent identification, Americans are actually becoming more rather than less partisan in their behavior. Yes, even ‘independents.'”
  • Five Myths about Independent Voters:  “In hundreds of interviews with independent voters, I found that they tend to be well informed and care about the political process — even though the two parties have done their best to alienate them through attacks, gridlock and dysfunction.”
  • Most Political Independents Actually Aren’t:  “To be sure, independent leaners are not as partisan as the strongest partisans. But they resemble weaker partisans much more than they do real independents. In actuality, real independents make up just over 10 percent of Americans, and a small fraction of Americans who actually vote.”

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